Being a iLearn partner is about more than just giving back to your community - it's about being a vital part of your community and making a measurable difference. To become a Corporate / Payroll Giving Partner is usually a three step process:

1. Meeting with CSR / HR / Corp Com lead at the corporate

2. Meeting with CEO and Board of Directors seeking a buy-in

3. Series of employee awareness and enrollment meetings

We urge our corporate partners to evolve community issue based corporate social responsibility campaigns. iLearn will create strategy roadmaps for specific areas of social responsibility and build clear plans with tangible results, key milestones and time schedules, with the dual objective of not only achieving tangible results within community development but also building sustainable non-profit institutions. Our specific mandate is to bring corporates together to build synergies and work together to address the causes rather than symptoms in the community development issues.

Corporates interested in being part of iLearn movement, please complete the 'Corporate Fact Sheet' and email us at

NGOs interested in partnering with iLearn, please complete 'Form I - Organization and Project Overview' and email us at

Whether you are a business, an educational organisation, a charitable institution or an international organisation, we have the flexibility and range of experience to work with you to meet your organisation's needs.

All of the iLearn’s partnerships reviewed had the support of, or worked directly with, ministries or local government agencies. This support was vital as these bodies determine the impact that partnerships can have on national strategies.

We believe that Partnerships are the basis for all our work and provide us with the opportunity to share experiences and gain mutual benefit. We currently work with a wide range of organisations, including educational institutions, think tanks and other NGOs, local and municipal authorities, government ministries and cultural institutions.

Partnerships are necessary to make the changes that will ensure a decent and enjoyable future for all. Partnership is a well-known element of business, but cross-sector partnership with actors from other sectors is equally important to create a sustainable future.

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