Pakistan has so much diversity in terms of lifestyle, religion and race, sport unifies and remains a focus for all. Cricket is by far the most popular sport in Pakistan. In fact cricket is one of the few aspects of Pakistan’s life that unites the whole country. Ever since the first game was played in Pakistan nearly four decades ago, Pakistan people have identified with its tactics and skills - and cricket has been a major source of entertainment.

You don't have to look far in Pakistan to see children playing practice games in the street with makeshift bats, balls and stumps. The fact that most children will play at any opportunity shows their interest level and what a great environment Pakistan is in which to coach cricket.

We feel that it is important that children get the basics of cricket right before progressing on to the more difficult skills and techniques. By embracing this commitment at grassroots level, we aim to start sport placements in Pakistan with many schools primarily in Remote areas. Our role is a mixture of passing on your knowledge of the game, handing out practical advice for games, and coaching at training sessions.

In this regard, iLearn have formed a team, comprises of Ex- Captains of Pakistan Cricket team (Mr Mohammad Yousuf and Mr . Saeed Anwar )and other renowned Pakistani Cricketers. These cricket stars aim to conduct two weeks Coaching Camps in 8 cities of Pakistan.

iLearn is working in the sports sector towards better informing, educating, bringing peace and building a brighter, more literate future of Pakistan.

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