Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) has emerged as one of the most effective human resource development strategies that Pakistan need to embrace in order to train and modernize their technical workforce for rapid industrialization and national development.. The impact of globalisation on technical and vocational education in Pakistan and how skills training in developing countries can benefit from a globalising economy are also put in to consideration by Pakistan Government.

The fact is established that in order for technical and vocational education to effectively support industrialisation, economic growth, wealth creation and poverty eradication, skills training must be of high quality and competency-based, incorporate the use of modern information and communication technologies, be relevant to the needs of industry, efficient, and adaptable to the changing technological work environment. In a recent meeting of iLearn team with Education Minister , It is suggested that these goals are best achieved within a national TVET policy framework that is linked to other national policies on education and training at all levels, industrialisation and employment creation, and national socio-economic development in general.

iLearn team also highlighted that technical and vocational education is a necessary but not sufficient condition for industrialisation. What is required in addition are government policies that stimulate the economy and grow high-performance enterprises that demand highly-skilled labour and consequently create opportunities for further technical education and training at a higher level in a virtuous circle of sustained industrial growth and increasing demand for higher quality technical workforce.


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