A powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake has hit south-west Pakistan, killing more than 600 people, number of people injured are 824 and more than 100,000 people homeless in a remote district of Awaran.

Awaran district has about 300,000 residents spread out over 29,000 square kilometers (11,197 sq. miles). It is Pakistan's largest province but also the least populated and most impoverished. Medical facilities are few and far between and often poorly stocked with medicine or qualified personnel.

In the first phase, iLearn with the help of local influencers, district government and Ummaih Foundation provided immediate relief (tents, blankets, food rations) to the people of District Awaran. We have also shifted 100 critically injured patients to Memon Medical Institute Hospital, Karachi, where all the medical facilities are provided free of cost.

iLearn team, without wasting time, wish to revive the destroyed infrastructure of quake-stricken areas of Awaran . Our focused is on construction of one – two room insulated- winterized shelters and seismic housing units in the District.

It has been noted that whenever it comes to Balochistan, international donors and aid organizations or humanitarian bodies are not allowed to help the suffering people. Balochistan has suffered prolonged drought in the past decade. It has greatly impacted provincial economy, iLearn and people of Awaran appealing to international donors to come forward and help in rescue and relief operations !

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