A well-educated and skilled population is a country’s greatest asset and a key instrument of socio-economic development. A decent education means improved life chances, including better health and earning potential, and the opportunity to make a positive contribution to society. In an age so dependent on information and communication technologies, illiteracy in any form is a serious barrier not just to knowledge but to social inclusion as well. Nevertheless, an estimated 61 million children globally do not get even a basic primary school education, of which half of them are in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

Education Minister, Mr Tahir Mehmood Khan, Information Minister, Mr . Mohammad Younas Mullazai and Prosecution Minister , Ms Raheela Durrani at certificate distribution ceremony of Teachers Training in Quetta.

In working with our partners to help them overcome such barriers, iLearn assistance helps:

• Teacher training and institution strengthening.

• Knowledge exchange and transfer through the sponsorship of conferences, workshops and other intellectual pursuits.

• To coordinate interactive forums for learning and training for policy makers, academia, diplomats and civil society.

• Create enabling environment for the growth and support of entrepreneurship.

• To up-grade and transfer technology in targeted industrial sectors to enhance their productivity and competitiveness in the local as    well as global sphere.


iLearn in-collaboration with Education Ministry , deliver teachers and Head teachers training to more than 50 public funded schools of Balochistan.

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