1.  To motivate larger numbers of males and females to participate in technical and vocational training to enable them to play a role in continuous social and economical development.

2.  To qualify and develop national human resources in technical and vocational fields to cater for market needs.

3.   To provide high quality and efficient training programmes to qualify trainees so they can obtain suitable jobs.

4.   To deal successfully with work sectors and to carry out technical and vocational training programmes.

5.   To establish strategic partnerships with various work sectors to carry out technical and vocational trainings programmes.

6.   To increase awareness about the importance of working in the technical and vocational sectors and to provide suitable opportunities for ongoing training.

7.   To provide a safe and motivational work and training environment at the Corporation for trainers and trainees.

8.   To encourage the private sector to invest in the technical and vocational training field.

9.   To strengthen the relationship between the national educational and training sectors and seek integration between the two.

10. To increase the training that supports national plans concerned with the transfer of technologies.

At a time when the demand for skills is ever growing, working internationally can foster innovation, build new partnerships and identify and develop new markets and commercial opportunities. Pakistan has much expertise to share with countries that have also made a commitment to ensuring young people can develop the skills and training they need to positively contribute to their economies and communities.

iLearn is working closely with City & Guilds , UK and Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority, Government of Pakistan to design and offer the widest range of vocational qualifications , and continue to work with leading trade organizations to develop courses to meet future skills needs.

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